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11/30/2023 AIDEA Commends House Chair for Hearing on Alaska’s Right to Produce Act
11/9/2023 AIDEA Releases Technical Method for Determining State Control of Wetlands
10/25/2023 HEX Produces Natural Gas and Jobs for Alaskans. Another Successful AIDEA Investment.
10/18/2023  AIDEA Defends Alaskan Rights and Holds the Department of Interior Accountable for Illegally Cancelling ANWR Leases
9/25/2023 AIDEA Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Defending Alaska Statehood Rights
9/12/2023 Vigor Begins Work on USCGC John McCormick at Ketchikan Shipyard
9/6/2023 AIDEA Condemns Unlawful Acts by Department of Interior on ANWR 1002 Area Leases
8/8/2023 AIDEA Disappointed in ANWR Court Decision
7/28/2023 West Susitna Access Project Update
5/23/2023 AIDEA & Ambler Metals Respond to BLM Delays in the Timeline for Ambler Access Project
5/1/2023 Notice of Proposed Changes to Loan Participation Regulations of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
3/21/2023 Economic Study Says West Susitna Access Road Could Lead to Millions of Dollars and Thousands of Jobs for the Mat-Su Community and State of Alaska
3/10/2023 Ambler Access Project Hits Significant Project Milestones

Allakaket Tribal Council and Huslia Tribal Council Withdraw from Ambler Access Project Litigation

2/2/2023 NEI Selected for AIDEA Economic Analysis



12/27/2022 AIDEA Board Approves over $17 Million Dividend to State General Fund
12/21/2022 AIDEA Board of Directors Names Randy Ruaro as New Executive Director
12/13/2022 Notice of Public Hearing on December 20, 2022 TEFRA
12/01/2022 AIDEA Board of Directors December Meeting Date Update
11/22/2022 AIDEA Seeks Firm to Conduct Independent Economic Analysis
11/17/2022 AIDEA Executive Director Departing for Opportunities in the Private Sector
10/26/2022 Resolution to Support Fairbanks Service Members For an Increased Basic Housing Allowance
10/14/2022 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Accepts AIDEA’s West Susitna Access Project Permit Application
09/29/2022 AIDEA Debunks Report and Announces Independent Economic Analysis
05/24/2022 AIDEA Files Environmental Review Permit Application for the Multi-use West Susitna Access Project
04/22/2022 AIDEA Board Approves Funding to Study Trans-Alaska Supply Chain Corridor for Ambler Access Project
03/22/2022 AIDEA Remembers Alaska Congressman Don Young
03/18/2022 Kaktovik Iñupiat Corporation the Latest to Join AIDEA Lawsuit for Violation of ANWR Section 1002 Leases
03/11/2022 AIDEA Statement on Bureau of Land Management Suspension for Ambler Access Project Right-of-Way on Federal Land
02/23/2022 AIDEA Issues Statement on Dept. of Interior Decision to Delay, Obstruct Ambler Access Project
02/04/2022 AIDEA Board Approves 2022 Field Season Plan and Budget for Ambler Access Project



12/09/2021 North Slope Borough and ASRC Join AIDEA Lawsuit Against President Biden for Violation of ANWR Section 1002 Leases
11/4/2021 AIDEA Sues President Biden for Violation of ANWR Section 1002 Leases, Abuse of Executive Order
11/1/2021 AIDEA Board Approves to Accept, Receive HB 69 Funds for West Susitna Access Project Predevelopment Work 
08/16/2021 AIDEA, Governor Dunleavy Visit Ambler Mining District
08/04/2021 AIDEA Issues Intent to Award Pre-Development Permitting Services for Section 1002 Area Oil & Gas Lease Project
07/22/2021 Dave Heimke Joins AIDEA as Chief Operating Officer
06/25/2021 AIDEA Board Authorizes Pre-Development Permitting, Planning Budget for Section 1002 Area Oil & Gas Leases
06/11/2021 AIDEA Requests Statutory, Regulatory Evidence for Oil and Gas Lease Suspension from Department of Interior
06/01/2021 AIDEA Responds to Biden Administration Lease Suspension Announcement
05/17/2021 UnCruise Adventures Embarks on 2021 Alaska Cruise Season Thanks to AIDEA Loan Modification
05/07/2021 AIDEA Welcomes Dona Keppers as Chief Financial Officer and Tiffany Janssen as Commercial Finance Director
04/16/2021 AIDEA, Doyon Limited Sign Land Access Agreement, Advancing the Ambler Access Project through Pre-Construction
02/10/2021 AIDEA, Ambler Metals Agree to Shared Pre-Development Costs for Ambler Mining Industrial Access Project 
01/24/2021 Opinion: We're Listening to Alaskans, Past and Present, to Preserve Our State's Future
01/08/2021 BLM, NPS, AIDEA Sign 50-Year Right-of-Way Permit for Ambler Road Project
01/06/2021 AIDEA Selected as Successful Bidder for 9 Tracts in Coastal Plains Lease Sale



12/24/2020 AIDEA Board of Directors Unanimously Approves Resolution for Evaluation of Bids for the Coastal Plain Alaska Oil and Gas Lease Sale
12/17/2020 AIDEA Board Approves $17.305 Million Dividend to State
09/16/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Mat-Su Loan
08/06/2020 AIDEA Board Names New Executive Director
07/23/2020 AIDEA Welcomes Ambler Access Record of Decision
07/01/2020 AIDEA Financing Key to Kitchen Lights Acquisition
06/25/2020 AIDEA and Private Sector Partner Advance Ambler Access Project
05/27/2020 AIDEA Announces AKCARES Funding Program
04/23/2020 AIDEA Actions on COVID-19 Crisis Draw High Volume Response
04/23/20 West Susitna Access, Nonbinding Memorandum of Understanding between AIDEA, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, and Nova Minerals
04/09/2020 AIDEA's New Loan Guaranty Program Launched
04/08/2020      AIDEA Regulations 3 AAC 99.104
The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority proposes to make permanent regulation changes made by emergency
regulation on Creating a new Chapter 3 AAC 99.104 for an Emergency Loan & Guarantee Program. 
03/30/2020 AIDEA Creates Billion Dollar Loan Guaranty Program
03/27/2020 AIDEA Statement on Its Loan to Blood Bank of Alaska, Inc.
03/23/2020 AIDEA Remains Open for Business, Authority Committed to Its Mission
03/12/2020 AIDEA Expands AK SHIP Program to Seward Shipyard
03/11/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Conduit Bonds Issuance - IGU
03/06/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Loan for Kitchen Lights Acquisition - HEX LLC
01/16/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Brooks Range Loan Modifications



12/06/2019 AIDEA Board Approves $14.475 Million Dividend to the State
12/23/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Seward Hotel Loan
08/27/2019 AIDEA AK SHIP Program Scores First Customer
08/09/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Conduit Bonds Issuance, Financing for Tanana Chiefs Conference Healthcare Project
08/08/2019 AIDEA Public Notice of Proposed Disposal of Leasehold Interest
06/26/2019 AIDEA Board Creates New Financing Program for Alaska Shipyards
05/23/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Loan for Southeast Cruise Ship Facility
05/22/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Package of Wasilla Loans
05/22/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Suite of Anchorage Loans
04/17/2019 AIDEA Approves Anchorage Business Loan
03/06/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Mat-Su Medical Building Loan
02/07/2019 AIDEA Board Names New Executive Director



12/21/2018 AIDEA Mourns Death of Skagway Mayor Monica Carlson
11/29/2018 AIDEA Board Approves $10.285 Million Dividend to the State
11/16/2018 AIDEA Named Distinguished Development Finance State Agency by Council of Development Finance Agencies
07/02/2018 AIDEA Board Approved Two Loans for Alaska Businesses
06/14/2018 AIDEA Announces Pentex Sale to Interior Gas Utility
01/11/2018 AIDEA Board Approves Valdez Loan



12/07/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Pentex Sale
12/06/2017 AIDEA Commends Interior Gas Utility Board Action
09/28/2017 International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Appoints New Board Members
09/21/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Anchorage Loan
06/29/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Two Loans for Anchorage and Fairbanks Businesses
03/30/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Tourism Industry Loan, Financing Provided for Southeast Alaska Marine Tour Operator



12/20/2016 AIDEA Board Approves $12.883 Million Dividend to the State
12/01/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Southeast Alaska Loan 
11/02/2016 Meet AIDEA, Investing in Enterprise Infrastructure
10/06/2016 AIDEA Recognized for Excellence in Economic Development
09/22/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association Loan
06/23/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Anchorage Recreation Center Loan
04/28/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Two Southeast Alaska Loans; Financing for Aircraft and Storage Projects in Juneau and Ketchikan
04/28/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Three Mat-Su Loans; Financing for Medical and Retail Projects in Wasilla
03/31/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Loan and Conduit Bonds; Financing Provided for Anchorage and Fairbanks Projects
03/03/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Anchorage Retail Building Loan


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