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AIDEA Thanks U.S. Senators for Press Conference to Stop War on Alaskan Jobs and Economy
AIDEA Urges Biden Administration to Follow Federal Law for Access to State Lands and Minerals
AIDEA and Partners Appeal Against Oil and Gas Lease Suspension in ANWR
AIDEA Rejects Salmon State Reports as Inaccurate and Biased
AIDEA Receives State Energy Financing Institution Designation by U.S. Department of Energy
AIDEA Urges BLM to Consider Recent Tribal Support in Ambler Road Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
AIDEA Extends Thanks to the Community of Hughes for Ambler Road Resolution of Support
AIDEA Expresses Gratitude to Ruby Tribal Council for Support of the Ambler Access Project
AIDEA Board of Directors Approve Significant Loan through the Loan Participation Program
West Susitna Access Project Announces 2024 Field Season and Jobs for Alaskans 
Ambler Access Project Subsistence Advisory Committee Adopts Resolution for Fish and Wildlife Protection
AIDEA Announces Significant Loan for the Development of 601 Fifth Avenue Enabling Economic Growth in Anchorage
AIDEA Supports Economic Development Revitalization with Major Hotel Loan
AIDEA Submits Comprehensive Comments on the Ambler Road Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
Allakaket Village, Subsistence Advisory Council, and Workforce Development Working Group Pass Resolutions for the Ambler Access Project
AIDEA Consents to Funding Agreement for Interior Gas Utility



12/21/2023 Vigor Completes Work on USCGC John McCormick
12/11/2023 AIDEA Approves Key Steps for Exciting New Project Putting North Slope Natural Gas to Work Alongside Alaskans
12/7/2023 AIDEA Board of Directors Approve $11 Million Dividend for the State of Alaska Unrestricted General Fund
11/30/2023 AIDEA Commends House Chair for Hearing on Alaska’s Right to Produce Act
11/9/2023 AIDEA Releases Technical Method for Determining State Control of Wetlands
10/25/2023 HEX Produces Natural Gas and Jobs for Alaskans. Another Successful AIDEA Investment.
10/18/2023  AIDEA Defends Alaskan Rights and Holds the Department of Interior Accountable for Illegally Cancelling ANWR Leases
9/25/2023 AIDEA Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Defending Alaska Statehood Rights
9/12/2023 Vigor Begins Work on USCGC John McCormick at Ketchikan Shipyard
9/6/2023 AIDEA Condemns Unlawful Acts by Department of Interior on ANWR 1002 Area Leases
8/8/2023 AIDEA Disappointed in ANWR Court Decision
7/28/2023 West Susitna Access Project Update
5/23/2023 AIDEA & Ambler Metals Respond to BLM Delays in the Timeline for Ambler Access Project
5/1/2023 Notice of Proposed Changes to Loan Participation Regulations of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
3/21/2023 Economic Study Says West Susitna Access Road Could Lead to Millions of Dollars and Thousands of Jobs for the Mat-Su Community and State of Alaska
3/10/2023 Ambler Access Project Hits Significant Project Milestones

Allakaket Tribal Council and Huslia Tribal Council Withdraw from Ambler Access Project Litigation

2/2/2023 NEI Selected for AIDEA Economic Analysis



12/27/2022 AIDEA Board Approves over $17 Million Dividend to State General Fund
12/21/2022 AIDEA Board of Directors Names Randy Ruaro as New Executive Director
12/13/2022 Notice of Public Hearing on December 20, 2022 TEFRA
12/01/2022 AIDEA Board of Directors December Meeting Date Update
11/22/2022 AIDEA Seeks Firm to Conduct Independent Economic Analysis
11/17/2022 AIDEA Executive Director Departing for Opportunities in the Private Sector
10/26/2022 Resolution to Support Fairbanks Service Members For an Increased Basic Housing Allowance
10/14/2022 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Accepts AIDEA’s West Susitna Access Project Permit Application
09/29/2022 AIDEA Debunks Report and Announces Independent Economic Analysis
05/24/2022 AIDEA Files Environmental Review Permit Application for the Multi-use West Susitna Access Project
04/22/2022 AIDEA Board Approves Funding to Study Trans-Alaska Supply Chain Corridor for Ambler Access Project
03/22/2022 AIDEA Remembers Alaska Congressman Don Young
03/18/2022 Kaktovik Iñupiat Corporation the Latest to Join AIDEA Lawsuit for Violation of ANWR Section 1002 Leases
03/11/2022 AIDEA Statement on Bureau of Land Management Suspension for Ambler Access Project Right-of-Way on Federal Land
02/23/2022 AIDEA Issues Statement on Dept. of Interior Decision to Delay, Obstruct Ambler Access Project
02/04/2022 AIDEA Board Approves 2022 Field Season Plan and Budget for Ambler Access Project



12/09/2021 North Slope Borough and ASRC Join AIDEA Lawsuit Against President Biden for Violation of ANWR Section 1002 Leases
11/4/2021 AIDEA Sues President Biden for Violation of ANWR Section 1002 Leases, Abuse of Executive Order
11/1/2021 AIDEA Board Approves to Accept, Receive HB 69 Funds for West Susitna Access Project Predevelopment Work 
08/16/2021 AIDEA, Governor Dunleavy Visit Ambler Mining District
08/04/2021 AIDEA Issues Intent to Award Pre-Development Permitting Services for Section 1002 Area Oil & Gas Lease Project
07/22/2021 Dave Heimke Joins AIDEA as Chief Operating Officer
06/25/2021 AIDEA Board Authorizes Pre-Development Permitting, Planning Budget for Section 1002 Area Oil & Gas Leases
06/11/2021 AIDEA Requests Statutory, Regulatory Evidence for Oil and Gas Lease Suspension from Department of Interior
06/01/2021 AIDEA Responds to Biden Administration Lease Suspension Announcement
05/17/2021 UnCruise Adventures Embarks on 2021 Alaska Cruise Season Thanks to AIDEA Loan Modification
05/07/2021 AIDEA Welcomes Dona Keppers as Chief Financial Officer and Tiffany Janssen as Commercial Finance Director
04/16/2021 AIDEA, Doyon Limited Sign Land Access Agreement, Advancing the Ambler Access Project through Pre-Construction
02/10/2021 AIDEA, Ambler Metals Agree to Shared Pre-Development Costs for Ambler Mining Industrial Access Project 
01/24/2021 Opinion: We're Listening to Alaskans, Past and Present, to Preserve Our State's Future
01/08/2021 BLM, NPS, AIDEA Sign 50-Year Right-of-Way Permit for Ambler Road Project
01/06/2021 AIDEA Selected as Successful Bidder for 9 Tracts in Coastal Plains Lease Sale



12/24/2020 AIDEA Board of Directors Unanimously Approves Resolution for Evaluation of Bids for the Coastal Plain Alaska Oil and Gas Lease Sale
12/17/2020 AIDEA Board Approves $17.305 Million Dividend to State
09/16/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Mat-Su Loan
08/06/2020 AIDEA Board Names New Executive Director
07/23/2020 AIDEA Welcomes Ambler Access Record of Decision
07/01/2020 AIDEA Financing Key to Kitchen Lights Acquisition
06/25/2020 AIDEA and Private Sector Partner Advance Ambler Access Project
05/27/2020 AIDEA Announces AKCARES Funding Program
04/23/2020 AIDEA Actions on COVID-19 Crisis Draw High Volume Response
04/23/20 West Susitna Access, Nonbinding Memorandum of Understanding between AIDEA, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, and Nova Minerals
04/09/2020 AIDEA's New Loan Guaranty Program Launched
04/08/2020      AIDEA Regulations 3 AAC 99.104
The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority proposes to make permanent regulation changes made by emergency
regulation on Creating a new Chapter 3 AAC 99.104 for an Emergency Loan & Guarantee Program. 
03/30/2020 AIDEA Creates Billion Dollar Loan Guaranty Program
03/27/2020 AIDEA Statement on Its Loan to Blood Bank of Alaska, Inc.
03/23/2020 AIDEA Remains Open for Business, Authority Committed to Its Mission
03/12/2020 AIDEA Expands AK SHIP Program to Seward Shipyard
03/11/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Conduit Bonds Issuance - IGU
03/06/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Loan for Kitchen Lights Acquisition - HEX LLC
01/16/2020 AIDEA Board Approves Brooks Range Loan Modifications



12/06/2019 AIDEA Board Approves $14.475 Million Dividend to the State
12/23/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Seward Hotel Loan
08/27/2019 AIDEA AK SHIP Program Scores First Customer
08/09/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Conduit Bonds Issuance, Financing for Tanana Chiefs Conference Healthcare Project
08/08/2019 AIDEA Public Notice of Proposed Disposal of Leasehold Interest
06/26/2019 AIDEA Board Creates New Financing Program for Alaska Shipyards
05/23/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Loan for Southeast Cruise Ship Facility
05/22/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Package of Wasilla Loans
05/22/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Suite of Anchorage Loans
04/17/2019 AIDEA Approves Anchorage Business Loan
03/06/2019 AIDEA Board Approves Mat-Su Medical Building Loan
02/07/2019 AIDEA Board Names New Executive Director



12/21/2018 AIDEA Mourns Death of Skagway Mayor Monica Carlson
11/29/2018 AIDEA Board Approves $10.285 Million Dividend to the State
11/16/2018 AIDEA Named Distinguished Development Finance State Agency by Council of Development Finance Agencies
07/02/2018 AIDEA Board Approved Two Loans for Alaska Businesses
06/14/2018 AIDEA Announces Pentex Sale to Interior Gas Utility
01/11/2018 AIDEA Board Approves Valdez Loan



12/07/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Pentex Sale
12/06/2017 AIDEA Commends Interior Gas Utility Board Action
09/28/2017 International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Appoints New Board Members
09/21/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Anchorage Loan
06/29/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Two Loans for Anchorage and Fairbanks Businesses
03/30/2017 AIDEA Board Approves Tourism Industry Loan, Financing Provided for Southeast Alaska Marine Tour Operator



12/20/2016 AIDEA Board Approves $12.883 Million Dividend to the State
12/01/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Southeast Alaska Loan 
11/02/2016 Meet AIDEA, Investing in Enterprise Infrastructure
10/06/2016 AIDEA Recognized for Excellence in Economic Development
09/22/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association Loan
06/23/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Anchorage Recreation Center Loan
04/28/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Two Southeast Alaska Loans; Financing for Aircraft and Storage Projects in Juneau and Ketchikan
04/28/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Three Mat-Su Loans; Financing for Medical and Retail Projects in Wasilla
03/31/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Loan and Conduit Bonds; Financing Provided for Anchorage and Fairbanks Projects
03/03/2016 AIDEA Board Approves Anchorage Retail Building Loan


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