In November 2014, the AIDEA board approved the issuance of two series of bonds, approximately $7.6 million, for the AKBEV Group, LLC. in Juneau. Series A ($4.3 million - taxable) was used for construction, and Series B ($3.3 million – tax exempt) was used to purchase equipment. Approximately 20 construction jobs were created, with an additional 8 to 10 permanent jobs supported.

The project will (a) construct a warehouse of approximately 14,710 square feet; (b) purchase four new Mueller 1,400-barrel stainless steel tanks for storing packaged beer, and install the tanks with a Brewmaxx process control system; (c) purchase approximately 4,380 new steel kegs; and (d) pay costs and provide reserves as required with the financing of the project.

The warehouse will be used to house packaging equipment and production materials, and to stage incoming and outgoing goods and materials.