Red Dog - DeLong Mountain Transportation System (DMTS)



Near Red Dog Mine in northwest Alaska


Owner: AIDEA

Operator: Teck

Landowner: NANA Regional Corporation, Inc.


  • 500+ regular direct full-time positions related to the mine and port operations
  • 100 seasonal jobs, mostly related to port operations

Economic Benefits

  • Greater than $120 million of annual royalty payments to NANA and other ANCSA corporations
  • Provides sizeable payments-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILT) to the Northwest Arctic Borough (NWAB)
  • Teck provides significant support to NWAB organizations and events
  • Bulk fuel is shared with local villages at significant cost savings


  • $180 million for initial DMTS facility construction
  • $85 million for 1997 expansion

Project Description

The Red Dog DeLong Mountain Transportation System (DMTS) was opened in 1989 to support the development of the Red Dog Mine in northwest Alaska. The Red Dog Mine, operated by Teck Alaska, Inc. on behalf of NANA Regional Corporation, Inc., is one of the world's largest producing zinc mines. The DMTS provides the necessary infrastructure to transport ore from the mine site to the ore export barges. The expansion of the DMTS port facilities in 1999 enabled Teck to increase mine and port throughput, improving the overall project economics.

The full system includes the following infrastructure:

  • A 52-mile, 30-foot all-weather gravel industrial haul road from the mine to the port.
  • A shallow water dock to receive supplies, fuel, equipment, and personnel.
  • An offshore conveyor system to load ore concentrate to lightering vessels that can convey the concentrate to larger ships further offshore.
  • A fuel distribution facility, including six bulk tanks capable of storing approximately 15 million gallons of fuel for port and mine use.
  • Storage facilities, including two buildings with approximately 1.2 million tons of ore storage capacity.
  • On-site power, other utilities and residential quarters for up to 96 workers.


Support comes from the Northwest Arctic Borough and its residents who benefit through the creation of jobs at the mine, lowered cost of heating, and through support of local non-profit organizations.



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DMTS Asset Management Review

DMTS Asset Management Review, Executive Summary






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