Blood Bank of Alaska

AIDEA’s Board approved a loan of up to $8.5 million for the construction and furnishing of a 57,000 square foot laboratory and collection facility for the Blood Bank of Alaska. This project, budgeted at $45.7 million, will consolidate all four of the Blood Bank’s Anchorage facilities and expand upon existing capacity. The Blood Bank is the sole blood bank in Alaska and provides blood products to civilian, military, critical access, and tribal hospitals. One direct benefit of the project is that blood samples from donations will not have to be sent out of state for testing but can be done in-house at the facility.

Over the 16-month construction period, direct employment is expected to average 133 workers, while total employment, including indirect and induced employment, is expected to be 230 jobs. The Blood Bank currently employs 89 people but once the facility is operational, it is expected to create an additional 20 new jobs.

2021 Letter of Appreciation