Prior to May 2008, the City of Ketchikan was losing cruise traffic to other ports in Alaska and Canada. To create the infrastructure required for a world-class cruise ship facility, the Ketchikan Dock Company, LLC (KDC) was formed. This unique group includes: Holland America Line Inc., Princess Cruises Lines Ltd., Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and locally owned Survey Point Holdings, Inc.

AIDEA participated at 90 percent with Wells Fargo Bank in a $13,000,000 business loan to KDC. The result is a facility that accommodates the increase in cruise ship calls, and provides for the needs of other vessels serving Ketchikan.


•1,100 linear feet of moorage
• 135 linear feet of floating moorage
• Improved ADA accessibility
• 200 linear feet of tender moorage
• Restroom facilities
• Fresh water hookups
• Large paved space for bus and taxi staging
• Lighting and landscaping


Sustainability matters. The City of Ketchikan already has an existing revenue stream, which funds the new dock's operations. Thanks to that and KDC having a long-term lease with the City, dock services are provided to cruise ships with no additional costs to the industry.

Plans are in the works to further develop an adjacent property with retail and attraction businesses. This new construction will produce more economic activity and job growth, enhancing the revival already begun.

"The pier has created a much-needed economic boost for the Newtown area of Ketchikan. New businesses are opening their doors and jobs are being created. This is good for our community, and would not have been possible without AIDEA."
 Ketchikan Dock Company, LLC Manager Bob Berto