In June of 2002, the Seldovia Native Association (SNA) opened the doors of its new, state of the art hotel. Located in the heart of the South Anchorage shopping district, the three story, 109-room hotel caters to the out of town shopper with its proximity to several major retail stores, major banks, and the Dimond Center Mall. As the first hotel to locate in South Anchorage, the Dimond Center Hotel is looking to capitalize on its location and impressive amenities.

When you walk into the hotel, it is difficult to believe such a place can exist in the parking lot of a major shopping center. The entrance features a bowed aluminum and glass wall that opens into a large two-story lobby. Each room features a 36-inch television and a 72-inch soaking bathtub - guests are able to relax in the tub while watching TV. The hotel also features a fitness center, lounge, business center, courtyard, and the most popular amenity - a Starbucks espresso stand.

Native art is also featured throughout the hotel - adding to the Alaskan motif while at the same time supporting Alaskan artists. Custom made furniture, sculptures of wooly mammoths, and native artwork adorn the walls.

The hotel's location was chosen for a specific purpose - shopping. With the large number of visitors who travel to Anchorage from rural communities, their sole purpose for the visit is to shop. The location makes it a natural fit. Within a two-block radius visitors can find each store they normally would have to take a cab to reach. Costco, K-mart, Sam's Club and the 170 stores in the Dimond Center Mall are at their fingertips.

Owned by the SNA, AIDEA participated with Wells Fargo Bank Alaska (WFA), to finance the Dimond
Center Hotel through 80 percent participation in WFA's $8 million loan. The borrower is the Dimond Center Hotel, LLC - a newly formed corporation made up of the SNA and the Dimond Center, LLC. The Bureau of Indian Affairs guaranteed 90 percent of the loan.